Amazing 2019 Region 9 Championships for Wec’s Team!

MARTA SAYS: My super husband Anartz with his 9yo Oldenburg Superman placed 4th at GAIG PSG and 5th at GAIG Inter I Freestyle. they were amazing competitive classes with 20+ horses. Our superstar Martha Guyton rode beautifully his 3rd level test at Championship with Freddy:))) we are all admired by her passion and dedication!!!
Antonio García Roldán Wec’s Teammate with Beaulieu (Bombón) one of Wec’s young imports; now owned by our client Bethanie Penning. They both had really good scores at GAIG/SWDC Training: 69.6%/ 68.9%, and at first: 70%, 68.5%. Super good job!
He also won both if his classes at the 3rd level open show with another of our young imports ‘Ante Portas’ (Animo) owned by Donna Phillips with 68 and 70%!!!
My boys’ results:
– Soul WEC, my 4yo Hanoverian was Reserve Champion at the Training level SWDC and GAIG Championship scoring 74.9% and 71.466%. This was his second show ever. Our baby since he was 1 year old turn out to be a super man:) so so proud of him:)
– Wec’s Señor Rubinstein; my 6yo Oldenburg stallion was Champion at both of his Championships (SWDC and GAIG) at 3rd level with 71.7% and 71.8%. He always give me his heart; love you so much boy!
– Wec’s Jazzmeyer, my 7yo Westfalian was Champion at GAIG Inter I Freestyle with 70% and we also got our wild card in GAIG Inter I so we are going at both leves to The US Nationals:) Jazzy; you are my soulmate!
– Fer Coronado, my 9 yo Andalusian stallion did his second time Inter II at Championships becoming the Champion at the SWDC, and 3rd the the GAIG Championships! Coro you are a real fighter, giving me your all. So proud of you!
Could not be happier! Thank you so much to Houston Dressage Society/ Wec’s Team/ sponsors and my family for your unconditional support!

1,000 Miles Won´t Stop Houston´s Marta Renilla from Competing at This Year’s US Dressage Finals

The Woodlands, TX – October 24th, 2018

FER Coronado and Marta competing
at the 2018 GAIG Region 9 Championships

By Ana Renilla at WEC 

All year long, International Grand Prix competitors Marta Renilla, of Woodlands Equestrian Club, TX and her husband Anartz Chanca, had carefully trained their horses with one clear goal in mind: to qualify for this year’s US Dressage Finals presented by Adequan in Kentucky.  Marta had qualified in the past decade several times, but earlier this year, she proudly become a US citizen, making it possible to attend to the US Finals for the first time.

When 3 weeks ago, Marta arrived on the grounds of the GAIG United States Dressage Federation Region 9 Championship Show, she was already confident enough in herself and her horses, to make the impossible happen. She and her 6 self-trained horses (all of different breeds and ages), were nominated from the 1st to GP levels after either becoming champions or reserve champions! After the 4 days show weekend, one simple question arose. Which horse/s will she embark on the final race to the national stage? The 6 seemed to be a bit too many.

She finally chose two of them to take to Kentucky. Both happen to be Pure Spanish bred horses: Gamarro Font, an Imported 11 years old P.R.E. at Inter II and GP Freestyle.  And Fer Coronado, an imported 8 years old P.R.E. at Inter Freestyle, Inter I and PSG.

You may think she is out of her mind, but Marta can’t wait to travel 1,000 miles from Texas. For her, competing and training are most of all… fun! Because she loves so much riding and competing, this promises to be a totally rewarding adventure. “I always enjoy the challenge of the Wellington Nations Cup in FL and all the International Competitions I participate at each year. Competing Internationally makes me feel as excited as my twin boys on Christmas morning. But this year, I am doing something different. Thanks to my new citizenship, I will finally be able to test myself with the best riders of my new country, the United States, and to represent my beloved Houston Dressage community. The last time I was in Kentucky was at the CDI 3 * KDS Annual Show in in 2012, so I’m thrilled to return to this Dressage oriented region and be a part of this experience.”

Renilla and her Woodlands Equestrian Club’s team Earn Best Results at an exciting Region 9 Championship finals

The Woodlands, TX – October 10th, 2018. By Ana.

Following an exciting year of Wellington Nations Cup and multiple Region 9 recognized shows, WEC’s dressage fans had their eyes glued to the Final competitions in Katy, TX to see if the Houstonian – Spaniard rider, Marta Renilla, comarta y anartzuld defend her prior years’ Champion titles. Well… Mrs. Renilla topped it off and impressed the judges with a one of a kind performance during the 4 days of competitions and on young horses, all trained by her from their early professional stages.
On Thursday, Marta and 6 years-old Jazzmeyer were Reserve Champion in 2nd level with 72.439%. Excellent way to start the long weekend! Friday was definitely surrealistic. 5 years old Senor Rubinstein won the 1st level and obtained the highest score at the show with 75.588% in a test where 24 horses were competing! One of the judges even gave him a 79.853%. What a talented boy!; Marta and her beloved Rhustler, 9 years old Hanoverian, laid down a harmonious and clean Inter I freestyle, which led them to victory in Friday’s highlight event with a 71.8%, surpassing Marta´s next mount, 8 years old P.R.E. Coronado, who placed 5th with 67.75%. That same day, the also P.R.E. Gamarro, became reserve champion with a 68% result in Intermediate II. Not completely satisfied, Gamarro also obtained 1st place at the Grand Prix Freestyle (68.938%)! Hurrah Gamarro! During her third competition day, Marta obtained same results in PSG and 5th places with Coronado and Rhustler with 68.824%. On Sunday and last day, Marta performed an expressive Intemediate I with Coronado and Rhustler placing 3rd and 4th (68.235% and 68.088%).
For the past 9 years, Renilla and her rides, have had excellent results at the region 9 Championships, good enough to nominate for the USDF Finals, but Marta, a Spain born could not participate due to her citizenship, … until now! Earlier this year, Marta proudly became a citizen and will compete some of these horses next month in Lexington. On her results she comments: “I’m super excited. All the horses did more than one test, sometimes on the same day and gave me all their will and love at the show ring. I can’t wait to compete against other regions. I thank my wonderful sponsors who help me keeping my horses healthy and happy so they can focus on their training”.

Marta’s team mates at WEC also performed wonderfully! Marta’s husband Anartz, a GP competitor, says: “I’m so proud of both my horses at Region 9 Dressage Championships this past weekend! It has been so much fun competing against great horses and riders. Our region is improving its level exponentially and it is great to be a part of it! Superman was GAIC Reserve Champion both at Third and Fourth Level Open! These were very competitive classes with 25 horses at 3rd level. He was also SWDC Champion at Fourth Level Open! He is qualified for Third and Fourth Level National Finals, but unfortunately my citizenship won’t arrive on time this year. My 5yo Middleton had scores over 70% in Training Level GAIC and SWDS, earning him a 5th and a 10th position in super competitive classes! He was also 6th at GAIC First Level Open on another huge class. Very proud of him! Sometimes it is pretty hard to balance family, work, and horses. But that feeling when your horses give you everything in the arena, unconditionally, compensates all the long hours and the hard work. It’s amazing what they do for us every day! Thank you to Shea Stewart for keeping our horses happy with the best saddles in the market, Custom Saddlery! Congrats to my WEC teammates Marta Renilla, Antonio García Roldán, and Skye Simpson for a great show!
Mr. Antonio Roldan, WEC’s trainer and part of the team, obtained excellent results with Sensei and Barbarossa. We can only say, Bravo WEC’s riders! Keep up the excellent work and see you in Lexington!

HDS Laborious Day Shows I & II 2018

Great show this weekend for Wec’s Team!:
– My junior student Skye Simpson did awesome with her 6yo Dazzle riding for the first time 3rd level. She was 3rd with 69.6% out of 12 riders in the Open division and a 67.8% the second day!
– My student Tracy Zaidenweber had a great show with her 7yo horse Goliath. She was second both days at 2nd level with scores up to of 65.9%!
– Our dear student Javier Bonilla Castañeda was 3rd and 4th at Third level with his 6yo Andalusian stallion Sarapero.
– Our Rock Star Martha Guyton managed her 3rd level test really well! We are all so proud of you!
– My Dear husband Anartz Chanca was 3rd both days with his 8yo Superman at PSG with scores up to 65.8%. His 6yo Dance Hit was also 3rd at fist level with 69.7%! Love you!
My horses:
Inter I:
– Saffario owned by Donna Phillips did a great job with 67% and 66% getting a second position on Saturday.
– My 8yo PRE stallion did his first Inter I ever with 67.3% and 65.8% finishing 3rd both days! So proud of him!
Inter II:
– My PRE Gamarro (Capricho) still green at this level but is getting more and more solid; we finished second both days with 67.6% and 65.7%. Love you boy!
So proud and grateful to all Wec’s Team. Sara Kreps, Antonio García Roldán, Sofia Revert, Fiona Stevenson, Brenda Barrier Snider, Adriana Alonso, Noah Moreno, Naomi Mortensen, Courtney Phillips
Thank you for the support of my sponsors:
Custome saddle Shea Stewart
McRider/ Nutrina/ StressLess/ Professional Choice/ DeNiro Boots.


Another amazing show this weekend for Wec’s Team!
– My dear husband Anartz Chanca did for the first time PSG with his 8yo Oldenburg ‘Superman’ finishing second with 69%! Ole mi amor!
– My Junior student Skye Simpson rocked at the Junior Team test wining with 69%. She rode Dazzle; one of our Oldenburg geldings sold horses. He is only 6yo and is showing an amazing talent for the future to grow with her all the way:) so proud of you girl!
– Our student Javier Bonilla Castañeda won both days with his 6yo Andalusian stallion ‘Sarapero’ at 3rd level 3!! Super job!
– My Team mate Antonio García Roldán was Open high point one day and High point reserve champion the second day with Sensei (Sensation) 5yo Oldenburg gelding. He is one of our sold horses at WEC; now owned by Don Georgio from NY that is letting us develop him! He scored 73% at training 3 and 75% at first level 3. Enhorabuena campeón!
My black boys:
– Señor Rubinstein; my 5yo Oldenburg stallion was second both days and High point open Reserve champion the first day at 1st level 3 with 74.5% and 69.8%. This was his first time at this level and his 3rd show ever. So proud of him!
– Gamarro Font (Capricho) did his first GP freestyle wining the first day with 73.5% and placing second the next day with 69.2%. My self trained Andalusian is new at this level but is starting to feel better and better each time. Love you boy!!!
More to come in 2 weeks:)!!! Thank you so much to Wec’s working students Noah Moreno, Sara Kreps and Naomi Mortensen for all your unconditional help and the great support of our team mate Sofia Revert!

Texas CDI 2* results of WEC riders & horses

I am so happy with the results of my 2 boys:cdi
-Small Tour; Rhustler my self-trained 9 yo Hanoverian won his class in Inter I and was second in PSG and Inter I Freestyle scoring every time in the high 60’s!  Check my Inter I test (1st place with 68.725%):
– Big Tour. Capricho, my self-trained Andalusian, was both days second at Inter II and Grand Prix! He is new at this level but I am very proud of how he felt and I am looking forward to the future with him!

-My Junior student Skye Simpson got qualifying scores at the CDI. We still have some shows to do to make it to the NAJYR Region 9 Team but this was a perfect start. She competed her 6yo Oldenburg Dazzle. I am so proud of her!

Wec’s Team rocked at the national show:
– My husband Anartz Chanca had great debuts with both of his horses at new levels; Middleton 5yo Oldenburg at 1st level 3 with scores up to 70% and two second positions; and Superman 8yo Oldenburg at 4th level 3 with scores up to 69% and placing always first or second. You looked awesome love!

Antonio García Roldán showed one of our sold horses; Sensei (5yo Oldenburg) getting Reserve High point open at training level with 73%. His owner from NY was so proud of his debut at the competitions! Congratulations!

Thank you for the help of our amazing working students Skye, Sara, Naomi and Adriana Alonso; the support of Sofia RevertFiona StevensonDonna Phillips Courtney Phillips Martha Guyton Nancy Nixon Flanders… and my sponsors:
– Custome saddlery Shea Stewart
– Professional Choice
– MacRider Briddle Henriette Janssen
– StressLess Betty Ledyard
– Nutrena Sharon Choney

A Glance of Spain in the Heart of the Woods

As Columbus Day (October 12th) is the celebration of the merge of two continents and Spain celebrates its National Day, here, in the heart of the Woodlands (North of Houston), the Dressage Training facility Woodlands Equestrian Club warms up their horses and finalizes the last details for what will be the first Spain Festival in Houston next Saturday, October 21st.

hsf logo sin fondo

Houston Spain Fest’s original idea was developed by a group of Spaniards, institutions and companies from Spain along with some friends of Spain´s heritage who love Houston.  Their aim is to combine the interest for cultural variety in the city of Houston and their passion for Spain’s History and traditions. Spanish Horses Exhibitions, Quadrille, Horses Demos, Spain’s food vendors, Carriage and Pony rides as well as a bazaar and kids’ corner, will create a delightful atmosphere to enjoy a Fall Saturday with family and friends. Do not miss this unique chance to experience Spain in a Glance! Saturday, October 21st: 12pm-5pm.

More info at:

2017 Region 9 Championships Finished with Great Results for WEC’s Team

Javier Bonilla Castañeda with his horse Borbon obtained got his last score at PSG for his Silvermedal:) good job!
– Fiona Stevenson had amazing smooth rides with her mare Luna with scores of 65%.
– Tracy Zaidenweber managed nicely her fist time second level with her 6yo Goliath.
– Martha Guyton came back to the show ring and Freddy at 3rd level! They both look superbe!

My dear husband Anartz Chanca:

Daiquiri classic, his self trained 6yo westfalian gelding:
– Champion SWDC 2nd level 69.8%
– Reserve Champion GAIG 2nd level 68.7%

Middleton, 4yo Oldenburg gelding:
– 5/24 GAIG Training level 71.7%
– 8/24 SWDC Training level 68.6%

Dazzle, 5yo Oldenburg gelding:
– 5/21 SWDC 1st level 69.9%
– 8/21 GAIG 1st level 70.5%

My rides (Marta Renilla):

Saffario 10yo Dutch Warmblood owned by Donna Phillips was a super star:
– Champion SWDC PSG 67.368%
– Champion SWDC Inter I 69.8%
– Reserve champion GAIG Inter I 68.75%
– 3rd place GAIG PSG 68.8%

Wec’s Rhustler 8yo Hanoverian; my boy since he was 3yo:
– Reserve Champion SWDC Inter I 69.67%
– 3rd place GAIG Inter Freestyle 67.37%
– 3rd place GAIG Inter I 68.15%
– 6 place GAIG PSG 67.5%

Wec’s Capricho 10yo Andalusian. Doing dressage for less than 2yo did an amazing job:
– 3rd place SWDC Inter I 68.27%
– 4th place GAIG Inter Freestyle 66%
– 8 place GAIG Inter I 65%
– GAIG PSG 64%

Wec’s Dance Hit, 5yo Oldenburg mare:
– Reserve Champion GAIG Training level out of 24 horses. 72.5%
– 4th/21 horses GAIG 1st level 72.7%

Wec’s Jazz, 5yo Westfalian gelding:
– 6/24 GAIG Training 71.4%
– 4/24 SWDC Training 71.8%
– 3/21 GAIG 1st level 73%

WEC’s Señor Rubinstein behave like a champ at his second show ever. My 4yo Oldenburg stallion manage good scores besides the distraction of a big show:
– GAIG Training 67%
– SWDC Training 66%

I am extremely happy of all of my horses and super proud of everyone at WEC!

MARTA RENILLA @ Woodlands Equestrian Club