Woodlands Equestrian Club presents FEI Training Series by legendary Conrad Schumacher

THE WOODLANDS, Texas – The Woodlands Equestrian Club, one of the most renown sport horse facilities in the country, will host the Houston Dressage Society’s 2016 FEI Training Series featuring Conrad Schumacher. The legendary Conrad Schumacher has an impressive career spanning decades across several countries.

Schumacher is returning as part of the WEC’s three times per year Training Series, with the goal of providing international level coaching to FEI (international test) riders, and adult amateurs with experience at fourth level and above. Not only is this a tremendous opportunity for qualified riders, it is also a fantastic opportunity for auditors to watch Conrad implement some of the training techniques he has used so successfully during his career. “We are excited and proud to be hosting the 2016 Houston Dressage Society FEI Training Series with Conrad,” said Marta Renilla of Woodlands Equestrian Club. “Enhancing the rider’s physical and mental awareness to create maximum harmony with the horse is the cornerstone of Conrad’s training philosophy. His focus on mental awareness and rider feel, are developed through training the horse with the classical training scale as the basic foundation.”

As a rider, Schumacher won the German National Championships and was a member of the National Team. He trained under the late Josef Neckermann, and competed with the likes of Harry Boldt and Reiner Klimke. Conrad has been coaching and teaching around the world since 1982, and has been an influential force in Europe for the teams of Germany, Holland and Great Britain as well as here in the United States. He has coached Olympic Medalists, World and European Champions, and medal winning Young Rider Teams in Europe and the United States.

The FEI training will take place February 9, 10, & 11, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at WEC located at 10422 Hufsmith Road between The Woodlands and Tomball (77375).


Conrad & Marta

Woodlands Equestrian Club´s Team Records Top Places at 2015 Region 9 Championships and SWDC

Grand Prix Freestyle Champions

Marta & WEC’s Mistico – 2015 Grand Prix Freestyle Champions in the region 9.

The 4 days-long Championships finished as good as they started for Woodlands Equestrian Club’s Team.  We are extremely proud of the 13 horses that represented WEC in our region 9 and obtained the TOP places in their divisions, most of them FEI levels. These results show the outcome of an extremely dedicated group of Dressage horses and riders who live the sport passionately! Congratulations to all of them and thanks to the team behind the scenes that made it possible. A special thanks to the Houston Dressage Society and the Show secretary and its members for their wonderful organization and professionalism!

As a highlight, I’d like to emphasize the honor of having our WEC´s Head trainer Marta Renilla as the new USEF Grand Prix Freestyle Champion. Yes, we used to see her showing with the famous Presumido, but this time, her self-trained 9 years old Andalusian WEC´s Mistico has proved that he is ready to be Marta´s new GP partner by doing a marvelous performance at his third time ever showing at Grand Prix level! Marta and Mistico have been dancing together since he was 5 years old and both have showed at all levels through Grand Prix. She also obtained a 69.1% score (placing 3rd) in Fourth level with the young Hanoverian Rhustler (6 years old)… pretty amazing.

But what better proof of Marta´s dedication to Dressage that the outstanding results of her students who did a one-of-a-kind performance? She coached her two adult riders Vincent Flores and Anartz Chanca, who are the 2015 Inter I and Prix St. George Champion and Reserve Champion! And the young rider Bronwyn Cordiak is 2nd level and the Junior Team Champion!  Bravo riders! Keep up the excellent work! How many reasons to be proud of these amazing students! If you are interested, you may check the Championships results for WEC’s team and some of their videos below:


Place      Division Horse                    Score


1st           Open      WEC’S MISTICO  67.438%  VIDEO HERE ; AWARDS CEREMONY


3rd           Open      WEC’S RHUSTLER              69.111%


3rd           Open      WEC´S FERRARI  72.159%  VIDEO HERE

6th           Open      WEC’S ROSEWOOD           70.00%  VIDEO HERE


3rd           Open      WEC´S BRAVO    71.023%

                SWDC FEI FREESTYLE OPEN          

6th           Open      WEC’S MISTICO  63.938%


4th           Open      WEC’S RHUSTLER              69.936%  VIDEO HERE

11th        Open      SUSPIRO                               65.449%               Owned by Michelle Hawkes

12th        Open      NOVATO                               65.128%   Owned by Jose E. Herrera with Lalo Andalusians


5th           Open      WEC’S RHUSTLER              68.3%  VIDEO HERE

6th           Open      SUSPIRO                               67.756%               Owned by Michelle Hawkes  VIDEO HERE

9th           Open      NOVATO                               66.923%    Owned by Jose E. Herrera with Lalo Andalusians  VIDEO HERE

Results of VINCENT FLORES, ADULT AA, student of Marta and his two horses.

Place      Division Horse                    Score

                SWDC 2015 FEI INTERMEDIATE I AA        

1st           Amateur               DOLCE   64.803% VIDEO HERE


7th           Open                      DOLCE   66.938%  VIDEO HERE

                GAIG 2015 USEF FIRST LEVEL, TEST 3 AA

4th           Amateur               HERMES               68.824%  VIDEO HERE

                GAIG 2015 FEI PRIX ST. GEORGES AA      

1st           Amateur               DOLCE   65.263% VIDEO HERE

                GAIG 2015 USEF SECOND LEVEL, TEST 3 AA          

1st           Amateur               HERMES               68.049%  VIDEO HERE


1st           Amateur               DOLCE   65.000%

Results of ANARTZ CHANCA, ADULT AA, student of Marta, and his two horses.

Place      Division Horse                    Score

                2015 USEF FIRST LEVEL, TEST 3   

2nd          Amateur               FIGARO H             65.147%

                SWDC FEI FREESTYLE OPEN          

2nd          Open      WEC’S CAMPIONE             69.062% VIDEO HERE


2nd          Open      WEC’S CAMPIONE             71.938%  VIDEO HERE

                GAIG 2015 USEF FIRST LEVEL, TEST 3 AA

1st           Amateur               FIGARO H             70.368% VIDEO HERE

                GAIG 2015 FEI PRIX ST. GEORGES AA      

2nd          Amateur               WEC’S CAMPIONE             64.342% VIDEO HERE

                GAIG 2015 USEF SECOND LEVEL, TEST 3 AA

5th           Amateur               FIGARO H             65.122%

                GAIG 2015 FEI INTERMEDIATE I AA          

2nd          Amateur               WEC’S CAMPIONE             63.684% VIDEO HERE

Results of BRONWYN CORDIAK, YOUNG RIDER, student of Marta and her two horses.

Place      Division Horse                    Score


1st           JR/YR     DSCHINGIS BLUE               62.162%

                2015 USEF SECOND LEVEL, TEST 3             

2nd          JR/YR     BIRALDO              65.488%

                GAIG 2015 FEI JUNIOR TEAM TEST           

2nd          JR/YR     DSCHINGIS BLUE               66.014%

                2015 USEF SECOND LEVEL, TEST 3             

1st           JR/YR     BIRALDO              61.707%

                2015 USEF FOURTH LEVEL, TEST 1             

2nd          JR/YR     DSCHINGIS BLUE               60.541%

The Dressage Region 9 Championships recognize the outstanding efforts of riders from Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas. WEC´s Head trainer Marta Renilla and 3 of her students had qualified for Great American/USDF Regional Championships by competing in designated qualifying classes throughout the year at USDF-recognized competitions.

WEC congratulates its students and horses´ dedication to the sport that showed such wonderful results in this final championship!


+1 713 373 7543


Marta Renilla, Selected to Compete Grand Prix at Wellington’s Nations Cup

Houston, TX, Feb. 4th, 2014 – The Houston competitor Marta Renilla, has been selected by Spain’s Federation to become a member of her country’s team at the Wellington’s Nations Cup in mid-February 2014

It has been 5 years since Marta Renilla started to train Presumido, an 11 years old Pure Spanish stallion, owned by Pablo Vazquez, owner of La Passion Stud farm. During this time she has competed him in several national and CDI 3* competitions in Texas, Kentucky and Florida and have together become the US Region 9 Champions in 2011 y 2012. In addition, Marta was ranked 3rd in the Nation for their Grand Prix Freestyle results in 2011.

This year, and only 3 months after Marta had her twin babies, the pair will be part of the Spanish team in the first Nations Cup of the year, hosted in Wellington, FL. Marta was already part of a Spanish team in 4 European Championships with her Hannoverian Isenbrant, but this is the first time she does it with Presumido, with whom so far she has competed International competitions as an individual.

This year’s Wellington’s Nations Cup will be the first full-scale trial of a new format of mixed small tour and big tour combinations for the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto. The schedule calls for three straight days of competition that complete the Nations Cup made up of two separate tests, similar to the 2012 Olympic format that included both the Grand Prix and the Special for the team competition and the Freestyle for individual medals. Teams can comprise a maximum of four combinations of which only two can be Grand Prix. Marta and Presumido will compete the Grand Prix test on Wednesday, February 19th and Grand Prix Special on Thursday, February 20th. The top finishing will be their Grand Prix Freestyle to decide individual medals and held on Friday night, Feb. 21st.

We wish Marta and Presumido the best of lucks! You will be able to see them competing in Houston at the CDI 3* at the end of April.

Teams from Spain, Denmark, Germany, and Netherlands–the most from any continent–are expected to join Australia, Colombia, Canada and US. 2014 Nations Cup series:

* Wellington, USA CDIO3* – 18-23 Febr
* Vidauban, France CDIO3* –5-9 March
* Rotterdam, Netherlands CDIO5* –18-22 June
* Kristiansand, Norway CDIO3* –25-29 June
* Aachen, Germany CDIO5* –15-20 July
* Hickstead, England CDIO3* –1-3 August
* Devon, USA CDIO3* –25-28 September

Marta Renilla is the General Manager and Dressage Director of the training facility Woodlands Equestrian Club: www.WoodlandsEquestrianClub.com

Source: http://www.dressage-news.com/?p=24856&fb_action_ids=10152173642420395&fb_action_types=og.likes&fb_ref=AL2FB&fb_source=other_multiline&action_object_map=%5B253746194802553%5D&action_type_map=%5B%22og.likes%22%5D&action_ref_map=%5B%22AL2FB%22%5D

Exciting Show Results by Woodlands Equestrian Club’s riders

Dear friends,

I wanted to share exciting news with all of you. Woodlands Equestrian Club team is proud to count with great Dressage competitors among their students and trainers, as they showed at their performance last weekend (April 26th – 28th) at the Houston Dressage Society Spring I & II and CDI3* USDF Region 9. Let me start with the lowest Dressage levels.

On the training levels of the recognized show, Katie Bortel, WEC’s Dressage Assistant obtained an outstanding 70,2% with the P.R.E. Stallion Lulapon at his first show ever! He is turning 5 this year and has a promising Dressage career. His future owner will be a lucky rider since Lulapon is available for purchase. His test here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-D9mNH3lbs

Marta Renilla, WEC’s Dressage Director also debuted a young prospect. WEC’s Rhustler, a 4 year old Hannoverian who obtained a 72% on Sunday, making the 2nd place on the Open division! Great job! Another young horse’s first time on the competitions arenas was Sheriff, owned and ridden by Anartz Chanca, Marta’s fiancé. They both debuted in a Dressage show, obtaining a 66% on his Friday test! Anartz has been training Sheriff since January under Marta’s instruction. Both rider and horse have a bright Dressage future ahead. Keep the good work! 16 year-old McKaela Hodge, student of WEC’s trainer Amy Jacobs did a very nice test and obtained the 3rd place on Sunday with her horse Shreck in the Amateur division. Well done!

Moving to the Second Level, Katie Bortel rode again. This time her own horse Stoli and placed 2nd in the Open Division. Very nice test!

Vincent & Aliado - 3rd Level

Vincent & Aliado – 3rd Level

A newcomer to the US competitive arenas, but not to the Dressage championships in other  countries, is Marta’s student Vincent Flores, originally from France. He debuted Aliado on 3rd Level, placing 2nd in the Amateur division with a 68,33%. Aliado is a 7 year old P.R.E. Stallion imported from Spain and has been owned by Vincent since December. The pair is planning to compete in 4th level later this year. They will succeed for sure!

A beautiful mover showed his gaits on the 4th level tests. Marta Renilla competed with the elegant Lusitano Stallion, Anastasio and placed first and second during the weekend with a nice 68%. Anastasio belongs to Jorge Canavati and is currently for sale. A truly treasure! His test here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w06OZAJ0MCw

The Prix St George happened early during the 3 day-show and with great results for Woodlands Equestrian Club.

Sandy Locke competed during the three days in the Amateur division with her dear Rocky, a 14 year old Dutch Warmblood gelding, placing first on Friday and Sunday and second on Saturday! Her Sunday result was an outstanding 66,447%. Congratulations! Sandy and Rocky rock!

Also in Prix St. George, Marta Renilla competed in the Open Division, WEC’s Mistico, a truly Grand Prix prospect. After debuting Prix St. George in Wellington last month, at 7 years old, this Andalusian Gelding that Marta has been training for 3 years, showed amazing movements and placed first on Sunday with a well deserved 71,84%. Marta is training him already in Intermediate I and believes he will be an outstanding Grand Prix horse very soon.

Marta & Presumido at the Awards Ceremony after their CDI 3*

Marta & Presumido at the Awards Ceremony after their CDI 3*

There is no doubt that the highlight of the weekend, were the CDI 3* tests. Miss Renilla, International Grand Prix competitor, represented Spain with the 10 year-old P.R.E. Stallion Presumido in the Grand Prix and Grand Prix Freestyle, being this last one the top event of Saturday night activities. Four International judges gave Marta and Presumido a 70.125; 72,750; 71,125; 71,5% and 64,125; obtaining an average of 69,925%. They both have been dancing together for 4 years, since he was only a 6 year-old with promising Dressage endeavors, and today, after four CDI 3* and many hours of training, they showed us the real beauty of the sport that we all love.  Enjoy her performance in this video from last Saturday: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbczorIx01

On a separate note, WEC’s Riding School students are also doing great at local schooling shows! This past Sunday they obtained 8 Blue ribbons in the Hunters/Jumpers Schooling Show at Snowdo nia Farms. Nicole Chambers, one of our youngest and most promising students was the ultimate champion with 3 Blue Ribbons! Jeremy Montemarano, Mariana Beltran, Nicole Brunel, Olivia Delucca, Gabriela Vazquez also obtained first and second positions. Congratulations!

Good job WEC’s team!




June 8th and 9th 2013 / 10422 Hufsmith Rd., Tomball TX 77375 – Woodlands Equestrian Club is proud to host a Dressage Clinic with an outstanding Dressage figure, Yvonne Visser.  Besides the clinic, Yvonne will delight us with a Lecture on “History and Present of the P.R.E. Breed in Dressage and its Training”.

Image Yvonne Visser was born in NY, USA, but moved to Spain at an early age and joined the Spanish Cavalry School in Madrid, considered one of the best in Europe. She took the first course for National Dressage Judges in 1976 and she was part of its first promotion. She then trained  with top European Judges such as Wolfgang Niggli, then head of the Dressage Department of the FEI, followed by Eric Lette and Mariette Whittages.

In 1991, Yvonne became an International FEI Judge. Since then she has judged all top national and international Dressage competitions in Spain including the 3* CDI’s of the Sunshine Tour since its inauguration, 6 CDIO’s in Hickstead, England, Saumur, France, Asti, Italy,  several top national competitions in Germany , a CDI *** in Sau Paulo, Brasil, etc. She later took the first course in Warendorf, Germany, to specialize in the training and judging of young horses and since 2008 she has made several trip to Brasil as a Dressage clinician.

She has  trained with Juan Antonio Jimenez, one of the Spanish Team Members to win the Silver Medal in the Athens Olympics. Her training is based on the International Training Scale for Horses: Rhythm, relaxation and contact (acceptance of the bit), impulsion, straightness and collection, which is a must for all horses, no matter what discipline they want to compete in and the only way to train a horse to be supple, obedient and on the aides. This Scale has been recognized as the best training tool available to make a horse supple, on the bit and accepting the aides willingly and without resistance.

In 2011 she retired as an FEI Judge in 2011, but still judges in regional Dressage and Eventing competitions and she is an active Technical Delegate for Spanish Equestrian Federation. She also has been invited to join a project for training Lusitano and Spanish (P.R.E.) in central Europe in order to promote these breeds for International competitions.

For more information on Yvonne’s Bio and registration, please visit:

www.woodlandsequestrianclub.com/eventsCOMINGUP or email ana@woodlandsequestrianclub.com


  1. Marta can you introduce yourself, what you did in Spain, where you were born, your mother and the horses, your results in competition, why you left Spain, how ? Your studies in Houston, how you created Woodlands, who had the idea ?

My name is Marta Renilla and I am a professional Dressage Grand Prix trainer. I was born in Leon, Spain, 29 years ago and studied a Business Degree in Madrid while sharing my life with this wonderful sport. I lived my mother’s passion for horses all my childhood and together we moved from jumping to Dressage thanks to our Swedish trainer Lena Örtendahl. She adviced us on a Dressage horse, and that’s when we met our dear Isenbrant, the Hannoverian that would take me to the European Championships and Grand Prix levels. My mother and I trained him together and she let me the competing activities. (2000-2004). Spanish Team as Junior & Young Rider; * National Spanish Championships (2000-2004). Gold and Silver medal as Junior and Young Rider *  Madrid Championships (2000-2004). Gold Meal as Junior & Young Rider. From 2004 to 2009 my passion became my profession and I started to train clients’ horses and compete Isenbrant professionally in Grand Prix in Spain and later in the US.

Woodlands Equestrian Club surged from a dream…. My mother had been training Dressage in Mexico and US while I continued my competitions and studies in Spain. But in 2006 she passed away on a horse. This horrible tragedy made me move to US to be close to my father and after a couple of years my father, sister and I started developing the idea of creating a Dressage training facility , focusing on the Pure Spanish Breed, despite my Isenbrant is Hannoverian, due to their gentle personality and skills for Dressage. And since we’re from Spain, it made sense to focus on PRE ;s than in any other breed.

2. You were one of the best young riders in Spain.And you left fort he States. Any regret? How is your life there? Absoluetely not. I’m the happiest girl of the world. I have dozens of horses to train, 3 gorgeous dogs and I live with my fiance Anartz, who happens to be an amateur rider. I didn’t plan to be here, but now that it happened, I couldn’t ask life for more!

3. Describe one of your daily life  I start riding my first horse at 8. We have a great staff that helps tacking and untacking horses which makes my training much more productive. I normally start with Presumido. He is the main stallion of a local stud farm that I’ve been training since he was 6 all the up to Gran Prix. He and I have obtained ythe Grand Prix Champions’s title for the region 9 for two years in a row (5 states of the South). I then continue with Mistico, our 6 year old that I’m planning to take to Grand Prix. He has so much talent, he’s already competing in 4th level!

I have Dressage assistants and students that normally ride at the same time, so I can supervise their work. Around 1 I finish riding, take a quick bite and a shower and I start teaching from the ground to our boarders. I use a long distance radio system that makes extremelly easy teaching for hours. When I have a gapp, I join my sister Ana at the club’s office and answer her invoicing questions, we talk about projects, the operation, horses for sale, etc.

4. Now you train, teach and compete. What can you say about competing in USA ? Is it different from Spain, the level ? It is different. US is so large you don’t have national championships but they’re distributed in 5 states each. I miss competing in the same show with riders from every corner of Spain. The recognized shows are not comparable with European standards.have much higher level, only the CDI’s (international) you can feel the outstanding high levels

5. You are promoting PRE horses in Texas. Is it easy to convince American riders  to buy ?

The US buyers who know the breed, really appreciate them and the training we develop here at WEC. Since I carefully select those horses to have future among buyers, I have found a warm welcome in Houston and US in general. In addition, there are several large organizations that promote the breed  here in the US, so you couldn’t say the breed is completely unknown, it’s only less common in the Dressage competition arenas, and that’s my goal.

6. What do they like and dislike in PRE horses ?

As I mentioned, the breed is knowns, but motly for their beauty and gentleness.  It is interesting, observe the surprise of many of my students, who are long term dressage riders on one-bloods, when they try one of my horses and discover their unique movements

7. What do your clients do with the PRE horses they ride and buy? Dressage, jumping ?

Dressage mostly. Of course, I jump all of them as part of their training, but never competitively.

8. Where do you buy the horses you take to Texas ? What are your criteria ?

We don’t normally buy. Breeders send their horses over, sot hey can be exposed to potential clients. I look for the good movers and potential horses that my clients will like. I’m not concerned about the looks but about a  horse that has the natural balance, extensions and will that will make him


become either a champion or an intermediate Dressage level horse, who will be the perfect companion for amateur riders, the majority of my clients.

We have some contacts with several breeders in Spain that has sent us several horses already for sale. Mexico, California and Texan stud farms are most of our breeders.

9. You left Spain a few years ago, when you w

ere a successfull rider with a German horse. And now, I can only see you riding PREs on your website. What does it mean ? I have had the luck to compete PRE’s along my career. Their personality and ability for Dressage are just amazing.  I love one-bloods, I actually have 2 young Hannoverians who are my FEI prospects ! but since this business is a nich, we have focused on the breed that has the natural gaits so needed in Dressage and that comes from our home country.

10. What is you next challenge ? for 2013 and over ? My Dream would be to make it to the World Equestrian Games some day. As of now, I´m already competing CDI 3*. Once I have plenty of experience with them and my Grand Prix horse is more mature, I would like to think WEG as a possibility.

Isenbrant went with you there ? Did you compete with him ? Yes, I competed him in recognized shows in Grand Prix. He actually made me Gold Medal by the USDF (United States Dressage Federation). He’s almost 21 now and retired.