Fabulous HDS Summer Show for Marta & WEC’s Team

Great show this weekend at the HDS Summer Show!! Marta Renilla and all her team at WEC did a fabulous19059167_10103917298429644_8599834734627291209_n performance! Marta had mostly low to high 70% for the whole weekend during the 12 different tests she competed at! She won the 3rd level 3 with her self trained 6 yo WEC’s Rosewood with a 76%. She also won the 1st level 3 on the 5 yo WEC’s Dazzle with a 73%, won the Training level 3 on her 5yo mare WEC’s Dance Hit with a 79!! wow!  Coming 2nd on the same class with Dazzle and a 76%. And a lot more scores over 70% amongh the 12 tests she did!! What an amazing rider and trainer you are Marta!!


Marta’s husband Anartz Chanca, also Dressage trainer at WEC says about his own performance and his students’: “I’m very proud of my young students Isabella Hess and Nine Reed-Mera. It was their first show and they did great! Nine and her stallion Fandango obtained a 2nd place with a 63.6% on Training 3. The 10 yo Isabela and our school program stallion Novillero had a 62.9% and a 4th place on the same class. My Junior Rider Skye Simpson had two very nice rides on her horse Jeff The Chef. Unfortunate expensive mistakes prevented them from keeping the higher scores of previous shows. My self trained 6yo Daquiri Classic had two very solid rides at Second 3. Coming to a very close 2nd on Saturday with a 69.2% and close 3rd on Sunday with a 70.8%. I’m very proud of this guy, getting stronger everyday. This was also the first show of my new 4 yo Middleton. He was very “adventurous” the first day, but felt great getting a 65.4% besides a few spooks and a lot of “talking” and fun on his part. The second day he was more settled and got a 71.5%! I can’t wait for the future with this amazing horse.”

Marta’s student Tracy Zaidenweber did also a terrific job with her 6 yo Goliath in 1st level 3. They obtained a 71.7% and qualified for the Regional Championships! Congratulations!

Thank you Miranda and Skye for your great help getting the horses ready this weekend!  Thank you to my wonderful student Nancy Flanders for braiding! Horses looked sharp! And thank you everybody at Woodlands Equestrian Club for the various ways they helped, it takes a village to take so many horses to compete!!



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