Love Summer Shows…+70º F and +70% scores!

What a fun and amazing turn out this past weekend for Wec’s Team at the last Windy Knoll Show! We left the swimsuits at home and riders and horses changed into competition attire to make an exceptional performance at this yearly Summer Show. We have been told that this is Windy Knoll´s last Summer show. We are sad to hear this and we will miss deeply this Dressage-community event in Houston! We thank Fran Kehr and everyone at WK for so many years organizing these great shows!
WEC´s scores were as hot as the temperatures!
Marta´s dear husband Anartz Chanca rocked in the ring with Middleton (4 yo Oldenburg) obtaining 73% and Dazzle (5 yo Oldenburg) with 75.4%! Both horses are now qualified for Regionals, yeah!
WEC´s woderful working Junior student Skye Simpson won her Silver Medal scoring 63.9% at PSG! Congratulations Skye. You make us so proud. We believe that you have a bright Dressage future ahead!
Marta Renilla´s boys´s results:
– Capricho, owned by Rafael Ortega (10 yo Andalusian) won his class in Intermediate I with 69%! 
– Saffario owned by Donna Philips also won his class at his first PSG ever with 67%!
– Wec’s Rhustler, Marta´s 8 yo Hanoverian did a superbe job in his debut of Grand Prix level with 63%!
– Wec’s Bravo, Marta´s 6 yo Oldenburg was also first at Second level 3 with 72%!
– Wec’s Senor Rubinstein, our dear 4 yo Oldenburg stallion, won at his first show ever with 75% at training level becoming High Point Champion of the show!
Thank you so much Fran for your hospitality!! We will miss this fun Dressage show greatly!

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