2017 Region 9 Championships Finished with Great Results for WEC’s Team

Javier Bonilla Castañeda with his horse Borbon obtained got his last score at PSG for his Silvermedal:) good job!
– Fiona Stevenson had amazing smooth rides with her mare Luna with scores of 65%.
– Tracy Zaidenweber managed nicely her fist time second level with her 6yo Goliath.
– Martha Guyton came back to the show ring and Freddy at 3rd level! They both look superbe!

My dear husband Anartz Chanca:

Daiquiri classic, his self trained 6yo westfalian gelding:
– Champion SWDC 2nd level 69.8%
– Reserve Champion GAIG 2nd level 68.7%

Middleton, 4yo Oldenburg gelding:
– 5/24 GAIG Training level 71.7%
– 8/24 SWDC Training level 68.6%

Dazzle, 5yo Oldenburg gelding:
– 5/21 SWDC 1st level 69.9%
– 8/21 GAIG 1st level 70.5%

My rides (Marta Renilla):

Saffario 10yo Dutch Warmblood owned by Donna Phillips was a super star:
– Champion SWDC PSG 67.368%
– Champion SWDC Inter I 69.8%
– Reserve champion GAIG Inter I 68.75%
– 3rd place GAIG PSG 68.8%

Wec’s Rhustler 8yo Hanoverian; my boy since he was 3yo:
– Reserve Champion SWDC Inter I 69.67%
– 3rd place GAIG Inter Freestyle 67.37%
– 3rd place GAIG Inter I 68.15%
– 6 place GAIG PSG 67.5%

Wec’s Capricho 10yo Andalusian. Doing dressage for less than 2yo did an amazing job:
– 3rd place SWDC Inter I 68.27%
– 4th place GAIG Inter Freestyle 66%
– 8 place GAIG Inter I 65%
– GAIG PSG 64%

Wec’s Dance Hit, 5yo Oldenburg mare:
– Reserve Champion GAIG Training level out of 24 horses. 72.5%
– 4th/21 horses GAIG 1st level 72.7%

Wec’s Jazz, 5yo Westfalian gelding:
– 6/24 GAIG Training 71.4%
– 4/24 SWDC Training 71.8%
– 3/21 GAIG 1st level 73%

WEC’s Señor Rubinstein behave like a champ at his second show ever. My 4yo Oldenburg stallion manage good scores besides the distraction of a big show:
– GAIG Training 67%
– SWDC Training 66%

I am extremely happy of all of my horses and super proud of everyone at WEC!

MARTA RENILLA @ Woodlands Equestrian Club

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