Another amazing show this weekend for Wec’s Team!
– My dear husband Anartz Chanca did for the first time PSG with his 8yo Oldenburg ‘Superman’ finishing second with 69%! Ole mi amor!
– My Junior student Skye Simpson rocked at the Junior Team test wining with 69%. She rode Dazzle; one of our Oldenburg geldings sold horses. He is only 6yo and is showing an amazing talent for the future to grow with her all the way:) so proud of you girl!
– Our student Javier Bonilla Castañeda won both days with his 6yo Andalusian stallion ‘Sarapero’ at 3rd level 3!! Super job!
– My Team mate Antonio García Roldán was Open high point one day and High point reserve champion the second day with Sensei (Sensation) 5yo Oldenburg gelding. He is one of our sold horses at WEC; now owned by Don Georgio from NY that is letting us develop him! He scored 73% at training 3 and 75% at first level 3. Enhorabuena campeón!
My black boys:
– Señor Rubinstein; my 5yo Oldenburg stallion was second both days and High point open Reserve champion the first day at 1st level 3 with 74.5% and 69.8%. This was his first time at this level and his 3rd show ever. So proud of him!
– Gamarro Font (Capricho) did his first GP freestyle wining the first day with 73.5% and placing second the next day with 69.2%. My self trained Andalusian is new at this level but is starting to feel better and better each time. Love you boy!!!
More to come in 2 weeks:)!!! Thank you so much to Wec’s working students Noah Moreno, Sara Kreps and Naomi Mortensen for all your unconditional help and the great support of our team mate Sofia Revert!