HDS Laborious Day Shows I & II 2018

Great show this weekend for Wec’s Team!:
– My junior student Skye Simpson did awesome with her 6yo Dazzle riding for the first time 3rd level. She was 3rd with 69.6% out of 12 riders in the Open division and a 67.8% the second day!
– My student Tracy Zaidenweber had a great show with her 7yo horse Goliath. She was second both days at 2nd level with scores up to of 65.9%!
– Our dear student Javier Bonilla Castañeda was 3rd and 4th at Third level with his 6yo Andalusian stallion Sarapero.
– Our Rock Star Martha Guyton managed her 3rd level test really well! We are all so proud of you!
– My Dear husband Anartz Chanca was 3rd both days with his 8yo Superman at PSG with scores up to 65.8%. His 6yo Dance Hit was also 3rd at fist level with 69.7%! Love you!
My horses:
Inter I:
– Saffario owned by Donna Phillips did a great job with 67% and 66% getting a second position on Saturday.
– My 8yo PRE stallion did his first Inter I ever with 67.3% and 65.8% finishing 3rd both days! So proud of him!
Inter II:
– My PRE Gamarro (Capricho) still green at this level but is getting more and more solid; we finished second both days with 67.6% and 65.7%. Love you boy!
So proud and grateful to all Wec’s Team. Sara Kreps, Antonio García Roldán, Sofia Revert, Fiona Stevenson, Brenda Barrier Snider, Adriana Alonso, Noah Moreno, Naomi Mortensen, Courtney Phillips
Thank you for the support of my sponsors:
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