Renilla and her Woodlands Equestrian Club’s team Earn Best Results at an exciting Region 9 Championship finals

The Woodlands, TX – October 10th, 2018. By Ana.

Following an exciting year of Wellington Nations Cup and multiple Region 9 recognized shows, WEC’s dressage fans had their eyes glued to the Final competitions in Katy, TX to see if the Houstonian – Spaniard rider, Marta Renilla, comarta y anartzuld defend her prior years’ Champion titles. Well… Mrs. Renilla topped it off and impressed the judges with a one of a kind performance during the 4 days of competitions and on young horses, all trained by her from their early professional stages.
On Thursday, Marta and 6 years-old Jazzmeyer were Reserve Champion in 2nd level with 72.439%. Excellent way to start the long weekend! Friday was definitely surrealistic. 5 years old Senor Rubinstein won the 1st level and obtained the highest score at the show with 75.588% in a test where 24 horses were competing! One of the judges even gave him a 79.853%. What a talented boy!; Marta and her beloved Rhustler, 9 years old Hanoverian, laid down a harmonious and clean Inter I freestyle, which led them to victory in Friday’s highlight event with a 71.8%, surpassing Marta´s next mount, 8 years old P.R.E. Coronado, who placed 5th with 67.75%. That same day, the also P.R.E. Gamarro, became reserve champion with a 68% result in Intermediate II. Not completely satisfied, Gamarro also obtained 1st place at the Grand Prix Freestyle (68.938%)! Hurrah Gamarro! During her third competition day, Marta obtained same results in PSG and 5th places with Coronado and Rhustler with 68.824%. On Sunday and last day, Marta performed an expressive Intemediate I with Coronado and Rhustler placing 3rd and 4th (68.235% and 68.088%).
For the past 9 years, Renilla and her rides, have had excellent results at the region 9 Championships, good enough to nominate for the USDF Finals, but Marta, a Spain born could not participate due to her citizenship, … until now! Earlier this year, Marta proudly became a citizen and will compete some of these horses next month in Lexington. On her results she comments: “I’m super excited. All the horses did more than one test, sometimes on the same day and gave me all their will and love at the show ring. I can’t wait to compete against other regions. I thank my wonderful sponsors who help me keeping my horses healthy and happy so they can focus on their training”.

Marta’s team mates at WEC also performed wonderfully! Marta’s husband Anartz, a GP competitor, says: “I’m so proud of both my horses at Region 9 Dressage Championships this past weekend! It has been so much fun competing against great horses and riders. Our region is improving its level exponentially and it is great to be a part of it! Superman was GAIC Reserve Champion both at Third and Fourth Level Open! These were very competitive classes with 25 horses at 3rd level. He was also SWDC Champion at Fourth Level Open! He is qualified for Third and Fourth Level National Finals, but unfortunately my citizenship won’t arrive on time this year. My 5yo Middleton had scores over 70% in Training Level GAIC and SWDS, earning him a 5th and a 10th position in super competitive classes! He was also 6th at GAIC First Level Open on another huge class. Very proud of him! Sometimes it is pretty hard to balance family, work, and horses. But that feeling when your horses give you everything in the arena, unconditionally, compensates all the long hours and the hard work. It’s amazing what they do for us every day! Thank you to Shea Stewart for keeping our horses happy with the best saddles in the market, Custom Saddlery! Congrats to my WEC teammates Marta Renilla, Antonio García Roldán, and Skye Simpson for a great show!
Mr. Antonio Roldan, WEC’s trainer and part of the team, obtained excellent results with Sensei and Barbarossa. We can only say, Bravo WEC’s riders! Keep up the excellent work and see you in Lexington!

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