1,000 Miles Won´t Stop Houston´s Marta Renilla from Competing at This Year’s US Dressage Finals

The Woodlands, TX – October 24th, 2018


FER Coronado and Marta competing
at the 2018 GAIG Region 9 Championships

By Ana Renilla at WEC 

All year long, International Grand Prix competitors Marta Renilla, of Woodlands Equestrian Club, TX and her husband Anartz Chanca, had carefully trained their horses with one clear goal in mind: to qualify for this year’s US Dressage Finals presented by Adequan in Kentucky.  Marta had qualified in the past decade several times, but earlier this year, she proudly become a US citizen, making it possible to attend to the US Finals for the first time.

When 3 weeks ago, Marta arrived on the grounds of the GAIG United States Dressage Federation Region 9 Championship Show, she was already confident enough in herself and her horses, to make the impossible happen. She and her 6 self-trained horses (all of different breeds and ages), were nominated from the 1st to GP levels after either becoming champions or reserve champions! After the 4 days show weekend, one simple question arose. Which horse/s will she embark on the final race to the national stage? The 6 seemed to be a bit too many.

She finally chose two of them to take to Kentucky. Both happen to be Pure Spanish bred horses: Gamarro Font, an Imported 11 years old P.R.E. at Inter II and GP Freestyle.  And Fer Coronado, an imported 8 years old P.R.E. at Inter Freestyle, Inter I and PSG.

You may think she is out of her mind, but Marta can’t wait to travel 1,000 miles from Texas. For her, competing and training are most of all… fun! Because she loves so much riding and competing, this promises to be a totally rewarding adventure. “I always enjoy the challenge of the Wellington Nations Cup in FL and all the International Competitions I participate at each year. Competing Internationally makes me feel as excited as my twin boys on Christmas morning. But this year, I am doing something different. Thanks to my new citizenship, I will finally be able to test myself with the best riders of my new country, the United States, and to represent my beloved Houston Dressage community. The last time I was in Kentucky was at the CDI 3 * KDS Annual Show in in 2012, so I’m thrilled to return to this Dressage oriented region and be a part of this experience.”

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