Amazing 2019 Region 9 Championships for Wec’s Team!

MARTA SAYS: My super husband Anartz with his 9yo Oldenburg Superman placed 4th at GAIG PSG and 5th at GAIG Inter I Freestyle. they were amazing competitive classes with 20+ horses. Our superstar Martha Guyton rode beautifully his 3rd level test at Championship with Freddy:))) we are all admired by her passion and dedication!!!
Antonio García Roldán Wec’s Teammate with Beaulieu (Bombón) one of Wec’s young imports; now owned by our client Bethanie Penning. They both had really good scores at GAIG/SWDC Training: 69.6%/ 68.9%, and at first: 70%, 68.5%. Super good job!
He also won both if his classes at the 3rd level open show with another of our young imports ‘Ante Portas’ (Animo) owned by Donna Phillips with 68 and 70%!!!
My boys’ results:
– Soul WEC, my 4yo Hanoverian was Reserve Champion at the Training level SWDC and GAIG Championship scoring 74.9% and 71.466%. This was his second show ever. Our baby since he was 1 year old turn out to be a super man:) so so proud of him:)
– Wec’s Señor Rubinstein; my 6yo Oldenburg stallion was Champion at both of his Championships (SWDC and GAIG) at 3rd level with 71.7% and 71.8%. He always give me his heart; love you so much boy!
– Wec’s Jazzmeyer, my 7yo Westfalian was Champion at GAIG Inter I Freestyle with 70% and we also got our wild card in GAIG Inter I so we are going at both leves to The US Nationals:) Jazzy; you are my soulmate!
– Fer Coronado, my 9 yo Andalusian stallion did his second time Inter II at Championships becoming the Champion at the SWDC, and 3rd the the GAIG Championships! Coro you are a real fighter, giving me your all. So proud of you!
Could not be happier! Thank you so much to Houston Dressage Society/ Wec’s Team/ sponsors and my family for your unconditional support!