Texas CDI 2* results of WEC riders & horses

I am so happy with the results of my 2 boys:cdi
-Small Tour; Rhustler my self-trained 9 yo Hanoverian won his class in Inter I and was second in PSG and Inter I Freestyle scoring every time in the high 60’s!  Check my Inter I test (1st place with 68.725%): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sP4o8du8QpQ&feature=youtu.be
– Big Tour. Capricho, my self-trained Andalusian, was both days second at Inter II and Grand Prix! He is new at this level but I am very proud of how he felt and I am looking forward to the future with him!

-My Junior student Skye Simpson got qualifying scores at the CDI. We still have some shows to do to make it to the NAJYR Region 9 Team but this was a perfect start. She competed her 6yo Oldenburg Dazzle. I am so proud of her!

Wec’s Team rocked at the national show:
– My husband Anartz Chanca had great debuts with both of his horses at new levels; Middleton 5yo Oldenburg at 1st level 3 with scores up to 70% and two second positions; and Superman 8yo Oldenburg at 4th level 3 with scores up to 69% and placing always first or second. You looked awesome love!

Antonio García Roldán showed one of our sold horses; Sensei (5yo Oldenburg) getting Reserve High point open at training level with 73%. His owner from NY was so proud of his debut at the competitions! Congratulations!

Thank you for the help of our amazing working students Skye, Sara, Naomi and Adriana Alonso; the support of Sofia RevertFiona StevensonDonna Phillips Courtney Phillips Martha Guyton Nancy Nixon Flanders… and my sponsors:
– Custome saddlery Shea Stewart
– Professional Choice
– MacRider Briddle Henriette Janssen
– StressLess Betty Ledyard
– Nutrena Sharon Choney

A Glance of Spain in the Heart of the Woods

As Columbus Day (October 12th) is the celebration of the merge of two continents and Spain celebrates its National Day, here, in the heart of the Woodlands (North of Houston), the Dressage Training facility Woodlands Equestrian Club warms up their horses and finalizes the last details for what will be the first Spain Festival in Houston next Saturday, October 21st.

hsf logo sin fondo

Houston Spain Fest’s original idea was developed by a group of Spaniards, institutions and companies from Spain along with some friends of Spain´s heritage who love Houston.  Their aim is to combine the interest for cultural variety in the city of Houston and their passion for Spain’s History and traditions. Spanish Horses Exhibitions, Quadrille, Horses Demos, Spain’s food vendors, Carriage and Pony rides as well as a bazaar and kids’ corner, will create a delightful atmosphere to enjoy a Fall Saturday with family and friends. Do not miss this unique chance to experience Spain in a Glance! Saturday, October 21st: 12pm-5pm.

More info at: www.HoustonSpainFest.com

2017 Region 9 Championships Finished with Great Results for WEC’s Team

Javier Bonilla Castañeda with his horse Borbon obtained got his last score at PSG for his Silvermedal:) good job!
– Fiona Stevenson had amazing smooth rides with her mare Luna with scores of 65%.
– Tracy Zaidenweber managed nicely her fist time second level with her 6yo Goliath.
– Martha Guyton came back to the show ring and Freddy at 3rd level! They both look superbe!

My dear husband Anartz Chanca:

Daiquiri classic, his self trained 6yo westfalian gelding:
– Champion SWDC 2nd level 69.8%
– Reserve Champion GAIG 2nd level 68.7%

Middleton, 4yo Oldenburg gelding:
– 5/24 GAIG Training level 71.7%
– 8/24 SWDC Training level 68.6%

Dazzle, 5yo Oldenburg gelding:
– 5/21 SWDC 1st level 69.9%
– 8/21 GAIG 1st level 70.5%

My rides (Marta Renilla):

Saffario 10yo Dutch Warmblood owned by Donna Phillips was a super star:
– Champion SWDC PSG 67.368%
– Champion SWDC Inter I 69.8%
– Reserve champion GAIG Inter I 68.75%
– 3rd place GAIG PSG 68.8%

Wec’s Rhustler 8yo Hanoverian; my boy since he was 3yo:
– Reserve Champion SWDC Inter I 69.67%
– 3rd place GAIG Inter Freestyle 67.37%
– 3rd place GAIG Inter I 68.15%
– 6 place GAIG PSG 67.5%

Wec’s Capricho 10yo Andalusian. Doing dressage for less than 2yo did an amazing job:
– 3rd place SWDC Inter I 68.27%
– 4th place GAIG Inter Freestyle 66%
– 8 place GAIG Inter I 65%
– GAIG PSG 64%

Wec’s Dance Hit, 5yo Oldenburg mare:
– Reserve Champion GAIG Training level out of 24 horses. 72.5%
– 4th/21 horses GAIG 1st level 72.7%

Wec’s Jazz, 5yo Westfalian gelding:
– 6/24 GAIG Training 71.4%
– 4/24 SWDC Training 71.8%
– 3/21 GAIG 1st level 73%

WEC’s Señor Rubinstein behave like a champ at his second show ever. My 4yo Oldenburg stallion manage good scores besides the distraction of a big show:
– GAIG Training 67%
– SWDC Training 66%

I am extremely happy of all of my horses and super proud of everyone at WEC!

MARTA RENILLA @ Woodlands Equestrian Club

Last Show Prior Championships

Amazing show this weekend for Woodlands Equestrian Club Team!:

My dear husband Anartz Chanca with his 5yo Oldenburg ‘Dazzle’ had a 75.4% (2nd position) at Training 3 and a 73.5% (2nd again) at First 3.
He also rode Campione scoring 60.4% at the Grand Prix with a few mistakes but super well presented.

My husbands students:

Fiona Stevenson did a great job with her mare Luna with a 62% after being on vacations during the summer!

– First PSG for Javier Bonilla Castañeda and his stallion Borbon getting his fist qualified score for his silver medal.

– Isabella Hess (Rudolf Hess-Ratz) is only 10yo and did súper getting her qualified score with Novillero (Andalusian stallion) with a 63%21462825_10155604878328076_8626347023769655572_n

My boys:
-Saffario (owned by Donna Philips) did his first Inter I ever wining both days, with a high score of 68.2%.
-Wec’s Capricho (Andalusian) rocked at Inter I freestyle with a 70.8% and a 75.2%
-Wec’s JAZZMEYER, my 5yo Westfalian was a super star with an 81.9% at Fist 3 and a 76% at Training 3.

Special thank you to our working student Skye Simpson for helping us so much during the show!

Next stop Region 9 Championships in October where we will be showing at all the levels from Training to FEI!!! We will be there with 15 horses!

Love Summer Shows…+70º F and +70% scores!

What a fun and amazing turn out this past weekend for Wec’s Team at the last Windy Knoll Show! We left the swimsuits at home and riders and horses changed into competition attire to make an exceptional performance at this yearly Summer Show. We have been told that this is Windy Knoll´s last Summer show. We are sad to hear this and we will miss deeply this Dressage-community event in Houston! We thank Fran Kehr and everyone at WK for so many years organizing these great shows!
WEC´s scores were as hot as the temperatures!
Marta´s dear husband Anartz Chanca rocked in the ring with Middleton (4 yo Oldenburg) obtaining 73% and Dazzle (5 yo Oldenburg) with 75.4%! Both horses are now qualified for Regionals, yeah!
WEC´s woderful working Junior student Skye Simpson won her Silver Medal scoring 63.9% at PSG! Congratulations Skye. You make us so proud. We believe that you have a bright Dressage future ahead!
Marta Renilla´s boys´s results:
– Capricho, owned by Rafael Ortega (10 yo Andalusian) won his class in Intermediate I with 69%! 
– Saffario owned by Donna Philips also won his class at his first PSG ever with 67%!
– Wec’s Rhustler, Marta´s 8 yo Hanoverian did a superbe job in his debut of Grand Prix level with 63%!
– Wec’s Bravo, Marta´s 6 yo Oldenburg was also first at Second level 3 with 72%!
– Wec’s Senor Rubinstein, our dear 4 yo Oldenburg stallion, won at his first show ever with 75% at training level becoming High Point Champion of the show!
Thank you so much Fran for your hospitality!! We will miss this fun Dressage show greatly!

Fabulous HDS Summer Show for Marta & WEC’s Team

Great show this weekend at the HDS Summer Show!! Marta Renilla and all her team at WEC did a fabulous19059167_10103917298429644_8599834734627291209_n performance! Marta had mostly low to high 70% for the whole weekend during the 12 different tests she competed at! She won the 3rd level 3 with her self trained 6 yo WEC’s Rosewood with a 76%. She also won the 1st level 3 on the 5 yo WEC’s Dazzle with a 73%, won the Training level 3 on her 5yo mare WEC’s Dance Hit with a 79!! wow!  Coming 2nd on the same class with Dazzle and a 76%. And a lot more scores over 70% amongh the 12 tests she did!! What an amazing rider and trainer you are Marta!!


Marta’s husband Anartz Chanca, also Dressage trainer at WEC says about his own performance and his students’: “I’m very proud of my young students Isabella Hess and Nine Reed-Mera. It was their first show and they did great! Nine and her stallion Fandango obtained a 2nd place with a 63.6% on Training 3. The 10 yo Isabela and our school program stallion Novillero had a 62.9% and a 4th place on the same class. My Junior Rider Skye Simpson had two very nice rides on her horse Jeff The Chef. Unfortunate expensive mistakes prevented them from keeping the higher scores of previous shows. My self trained 6yo Daquiri Classic had two very solid rides at Second 3. Coming to a very close 2nd on Saturday with a 69.2% and close 3rd on Sunday with a 70.8%. I’m very proud of this guy, getting stronger everyday. This was also the first show of my new 4 yo Middleton. He was very “adventurous” the first day, but felt great getting a 65.4% besides a few spooks and a lot of “talking” and fun on his part. The second day he was more settled and got a 71.5%! I can’t wait for the future with this amazing horse.”

Marta’s student Tracy Zaidenweber did also a terrific job with her 6 yo Goliath in 1st level 3. They obtained a 71.7% and qualified for the Regional Championships! Congratulations!

Thank you Miranda and Skye for your great help getting the horses ready this weekend!  Thank you to my wonderful student Nancy Flanders for braiding! Horses looked sharp! And thank you everybody at Woodlands Equestrian Club for the various ways they helped, it takes a village to take so many horses to compete!!


Marta & Rhustler start off their Wellington Show Season

Saturday 11th: Marta arrives from Houston to White Fences, West of Palm Beach, FL. She is nicely welcomed by Pam Goodrich at her gorgeous facility ¨Double Bridle¨. Marta says she already feels like she was with a fellow rider at WEC. Everyone here is so nice! And Rhustler, her 8 years old Hanoverian gelding l259iked his new stall! After almost 2,000 miles in the truck… it feels great to go for a stroll with his friend Marta. Rhustler is smiling. 1st week of CDI and 2nd week of Nations Cup are almost here!

Sunday 12th / Monday 13th: Rhustler settles and Marta starts working him on the gorgeous arenas by the Florida palms. The weather is warm but not too humid. Marta visits WEC´s former horse Marques! Our dear P.R.E gelding, sold 3 years ago to a Florida AA rider. Marques has already turned 8 and looks amazing. He is wider, elegant and as smart as always! His new owner is thrilled with him and their rides together. Marta and his owner enjoy a nice dinner together.. their conversation topic: Horses and Dressage, of course!

Tuesday 14th: Rhustler needs to move stalls again and leave White Fences… he is not crazy about it but when he arrives to the Adequan Global Dressage Festival, he gets adjusted pretty fast. His stall is large and he has nice neighbors. The Matute family is right nextdoor to Marta. Spain gets ready to compete!

Wednesday 15th: Jogging session and vet revision at the AGDF in the a.m. The CDI 4* starts this afternoon! Marta is showing the small tour with Rhustler and her PSG test is at 5:53 p.m., right before Lars Petersen, with whom she has competed in past CDI´s.  The show grounds are gorgeous. Everyone is very excited. As always, Marta says: ¨I love riding no matter what. So why spoiling the moment and get nervous about today… I´m just going to the arena to do what I do every day and love. Riding my dear friend Rhustler.¨

More journal moments coming soon!