The Spanish horse in dressage can hold his own, as it has been shown in the Olympics and in a number of high level competitions all over the world. The P.R.E. Andalusians competing in dressage, present with elegance and ability in the areas of collection, piaffe and passage – areas which comprise a significant portion of the higher level dressage tests (FEI levels).

Especially in the favor of the Andalusians in dressage is the inherent temperament which permits them to handle both learning and the stresses of competition well.

The equilibrium and compression required for changes, pirouettes and the collected exercises of dressage are complementary with the spanish horse morphology, while their capacity for extensions becomes truly visible in the 6th year as the horse develops with correct training. The Spanish and Lusitano horses compete in the open horse world, against all other breeds, at all levels. There is a steadily growing number of PREs and Lusitanos presenting well in high level dressage where they are judged by International Rules, and at FEI levels.

Here in the US, a P.R.E. is a good example of FEI level presence. Under the direction of Marta Renilla, Presumido, from the training & sales facility Woodlands Equestrian Club in Houston, TX, has been ranked by the USDF (United Stated Dressage Federation) 3rd nationally for his Grand Prix Freestyle results, showing the talent and sport abilities of the breed. At only 9 years old, this stallion has also shown internationally in CDI 3*, competing against outstanding European masters. Despite their natural ability, good training makes it key to produce competitive prospects and enjoyable schoolmasters, forward going andalusians, with soundly established basics.  More and more often, Dressage riders are realizing the ability of our breed and choose them to become their companion in the arena and as well as on the ground.

For more information on how to find Dressage Andalusians (from novice to FEI levels, visit Marta Renilla’s training & sales facility in Houston:

Ana Renilla:

Marta Renilla & P.R.E. Presumido competing Grand Prix at the CDI 3* in Lexington. Summer 2012